Xtreme HID Conversion Kit

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- Patented digital ballasts for precise color illumination
- Japanese quality and craftsmanship
- CE,UL & E4 certified OEM grade Xenon HID components
- Rubber Injected waterproof/shockproof ballasts
- Laser aligned bulbs to ensure optically correct beam patterns
- Unique dual relay harness design
- 3 Years Full replacement warranty
- ROHS, CE,UL & E4 certified OEM grade Xenon HID components
- Double tubed Philips Quartz Anti-UV bulbs





About the Xtreme Digital HID Kit:

The Xtreme Digital Xenon HID Conversion kits utilize cutting edge Xenon HID components made with superior Japanese craftsmanship and quality to offer you the latest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon technology. To ensure optimal light output, the Xtreme HID Kit uses laser calibrated bulbs so that the focal point of the HID bulb matches the focal point of the corresponding halogen bulb.  This will result in both proper fitment and optically correct beam patterns. Industry leading AMP style connectors are used to ensure proper water tight connections between the HID bulb and HID ballast.

The Xtreme HID bulbs utilize Philips UV-blocking quartz glass to filter out the ultraviolet rays that are potentially damaging to modern automotive plastic head lights. These bulbs provide more light on the road as well as the highest level of resistance to vibrations, extremes of temperature, and risks of explosion. Lower grade HID bulbs do not use proper quartz glass to save costs and will end up damaging your vehicle's headlamps over time and burning out prematurely.

Our shockproof & waterproof slim line Xtreme ballast uses a German designed ASIC control chip which will enable the ballast to constantly monitor the HID bulb's power requirements. This is the same technology that is used in OEM grade Hella & Matsushita ballasts. Lower grade ballasts are not able to monitor the changing bulb power requirements on a "real-time" basis meaning that there will be a significantly higher bulb and/or ballast failure rate.  The Xtreme HID ballasts used in this product are uniquely designed for aftermarket HID Xenon applications as they are completely epoxy sealed to protect against harsh weather conditions.  In aftermarket HID conversion kit applications, ballasts are often mounted outside the headlight leaving them susceptible to water damage.  The Xtreme ballasts are specifically designed for these applications making them the superior choice for your aftermarket HID conversion kit upgrade.    

This HID conversion kit will include a complete wiring harness that will literally plug directly into your OEM headlight harness via proper mating connectors. The harness provided will include upgraded fuses and relays to ensure that the ballasts always receive a constant 12V. Powering ballasts directly from the OEM headlight harness can cause your HID lights to flicker on occasion due to the fact that the power supplied from the OE headlight harness can fluctuate. Halogen bulbs can accomodate this voltage drop as the light will just dim. HID lights cannot; as a result, they will flicker thus resulting in premature failure. Unlike many HID conversion kits on the market, our HID kit will use a dual harness set up that will provide each ballast its own fuse and relay. Should a fuse/relay ever fail only one side will be effected vs both lights going out.
Xtreme HID conversion kits are manufactured in an industry leading ISO and TUV certified high tech facility.
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Product Reviews

  1. pay more get better product

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jun 2013

    used cheap chinese kits before. All the way up to 100 watts. ALL crap. The 35Watt HID xtreme was much brighter, why? Better ballast and bulb optics.
    Buying experience was excellent.

  2. Sharp and bright but require custom fitting and minor issue

    Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2013

    This is my 3rd HID conversion kit for my Mazda 3 2005. This is probably the brightness one I got. The kit came with relays with fuses such that you can hook up your ballast directly to the car's battery to ensure it can draw the current it needs. Not sure if the ballast and relay handles DRL voltage pulse since I connected mine to a custom constant 12V wire. Generally, I am happy with the bulbs' brightness, comparing with my old one. However, there are some issues that require manual modification. A. the ballast electrical plug doesn't fit for my car H7 slot. B. The bulb doesn't fit with the provided spacers. C. One of the bulbs does not look as bright as the other one which I can't quite figure out why yet. With a premium product like this based on how it was advertised I am a bit disappointed the work that I need to do to install it.

    XE: Thanks for your review. Here's some answer to the points you have mentioned.
    A) The Mazda 3 of your year uses H7 bulbs but the stock connectors use 9006. All you have to do is remove the wires from the H7 kit connectors and plug them straight to your stock connector. Very easy. This is a Mazda 3 2004-2009 issue only.

    B) Spacers for the Mazda must be aligned with the bulbs. There's only one way they can fit. If not placed correctly, you will have the feeling that the spacers don't fit.

    C) This is due to your problem in B. You bulb is not seated properly at the base of the projector which results in a misaligned bulb and lower output. Try reinstalling that bulb as this is an install issue.

    Xtreme kits are all tested prior to boxing and have the lowest defective rate in the industry.

  3. What a great kit!!!

    Posted by Brian White on 2nd Jun 2012

    Although it is more expensive than other kits out there, I was tired to have cheap HID kits giving me problems. I wanted something with OEM reliability and Xenon Expert guided to the Xtreme kit. Let me tell you. That kit has been GREAT. very happy with it.

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