What is needed to upgrade to HID?

In order to upgrade your car to HID from halogen bulbs you will need to purchase a full HID kit. All of our HID kits come with 2 Xenon Bulb and 2 Ballasts unless otherwise noted (Motorcycle Kits are available with a single bulb / ballast combination). Some cars may require a wiring harness to work properly.

What are the advantages of XENON HID Technology over traditional halogen bulbs?

More light output: A 35-Watt XENON HID lamp produces up to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb.

Safety: In most nighttime driving/bad weather situations, this combination of a whiter color and a greater light output allows for a safer and more illuminated drive.

Whiter light: While the halogen light appears yellowish, the XENON HID lighting system produces a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight.

Reduced power consumption: XENON HID lamp systems draw significantly less power from your vehicles electrical system.

Greater product life: XENON HID lamp systems are designed to outlast your vehicle. On average these bulbs will last 3-5 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb.

Distinctiveness: Your vehicle will not only have the latest in automotive lighting technologies, but will also have that unique eye-catching appeal.

Could I not just purchase a stronger watt halogen bulb to get a brighter light?

XENON HID lamps are 35 watts while traditional halogen bulbs are 55 watts. Even though XENON HID lamps draw less current, they produce 3 times the light output as the higher wattage halogen bulbs. Increasing the wattage will make the bulb a little brighter but still much dimmer then XENON HID lamps. Also, AMPS = (BULB WATTS X 2) / BATTERY VOLTAGE OUTPUT (12). So as you increase the wattage on your bulb you increase the current draw on your entire electrical system. This is critical in motorcycle applications.

Could I Install the kit myself? For anyone who is mechanically inclined, this installation is considered "do-it-yourself" or "Plug and Play". While a typical installation takes approximately an hour, it can vary depending on application (conversion or auxiliary). Our kits are ready to install right-out-of-the-box and come complete with everything that you will need.

Why do the bulbs in my Xtreme Philips HID Conversion kit not have any Philips markings?

Philips D2S/D2R bulbs come with a P32D base. This is where all the Philips markings are found. This base gets removed in order to accomodate a custom moulded halogen base so that the product can be used in halogen headlights. These custom moulded bases are laser aligned to ensure optically correct beam patterns.  A Philips bulb can be easily recognized though by the design of the burner.  Philips HID bulbs have a uniqe shape to them.

Could I re-install the original halogen bulbs after the XENON HID kit has been installed?

With the growing popularity of leasing vehicles, a big concern is whether or not you can bring the vehicle back to its original factory condition. Our kits install with little or no modifications to your vehicle. If need be, the entire kit can be removed and the original halogen bulbs replaced. This kit can be re-installed into another vehicle that uses the same bulb size.

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